Let’s talk about zero deforestation

As a leading expert in satellite and commodity analytics we know satellite data and how to transform it into actions. So you can achieve a sustainable supply chain in palm oil, cocoa or soy.

Without deforestation.

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Discover how our satellite data insights can work for you. How it helps you make progress towards a sustainable and deforestation-free supply chain.


boots on the ground

With our 20+ years of on-the-ground experience we know and understand the areas we work in. Through our offices in South East Asia, West Africa and Latin America and extensive local partner networks we have ‘eyes on the ground’. This makes our analytics even more accurate and useful.


Let’s talk about Soy

If you want to effectively tackle deforestation, you need to know what caused it. You need to know where deforestation is happening, but also if soy is actually grown in those deforested locations. During the ongoing season, year in year out. This direct relation is what really matters for monitoring progress towards responsible soy, but is all too often forgotten in many monitoring solutions.

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We make satellite data simple and actionable by pinpointing only those areas that matter most. Prioritized to your situation. We cover global supply bases at farm level, whether palm oil, soy or cocoa.


Achieve transparent and sustainable supply chains and local engagement. With independent facts. Our algorithms are developed and verified by world leading Wageningen University scientists in cooperation with World Resources Institute.


Be first to know. Our ability to see through clouds enables us to provide you with weekly insights. So you can act when problems arise. And connect with your fields, suppliers or investees. To demonstrate compliance with corporate zero-deforestation commitments.