Mapping Maize in Shan State

For the Smart Agriculture Myanmar (SAM) project, Jet visited maize farmers in South Shan State together with our project partner Impact Terra. Most of the fields are bare this time of the year because Maize planting season coincides with the start of the monsoon. Data of the exact planting dates and growth stages of the crops throughout the year is very valuable for us at Satelligence. We use this information to calibrate the satellite-based harvest prognosis which we create with real data from the ground. In the ‘winter’ or dry season, a lot of farmers had been growing onions on the fields, which were being collected in bags and taken away in trucks to the markets.

During the field trip Jet took some shots with the DJI Mavic Air drone (see video below). You can still see a lot of bare fields since the planting season is just starting. We hope to get back soon to shoot some great footage of the flowering maize crops and to get some more data to connect to our near real-time satellite monitoring data.