Satelligence delivers unmatched data and insights on supply chain assets, planted crops, ecosystems, and risks, within a traceability platform that helps companies to prove compliance and emission reduction throughout their value chains.

We are here to help you gain and maintain market access. Grow your brand’s reputation and value. And save costs through improved efficiency.

Know where to start

Get the sustainable sourcing job done right.

  • Track and trace back to the source of all your raw materials
  • Detect deforestation and other risks with confidence
  • Avoid and resolve grievances as fast as possible
  • Measure and report emissions and removals more consistently
  • Measure and report sustainability progress with ease
  • Align with peers to save time and money on data exchange

Raw materials

How to get

High quality data and monitoring professionals to support you wherever you are in your compliance and sustainable sourcing journey.

Whether you are a small producer or an iconic brand, we empower your sustainable sourcing strategy. Get access to the tools, insights and support needed to guide you through the sustainability transformation with respect to monitoring.

Satelligence clients benefit from 3 main – complementary – strategies.

What is your current priority? Select one, or all:

1. Compliance


Proving that your sourcing is compliant with legislation: deforestation-free and legal

2. Sustainable Sourcing


Proving that your sourcing and investment meets commitments: deforestation-free and legal, free of conversion of native vegetation, peatlands, wetlands, no fires, no human rights violations

3. Scope 3


Proving that your sourcing and investment is carbon positive: measuring and reporting land-based emission reductions and removals, decarbonisation of supply chains

Connect with our experts to get started with your sustainable sourcing journey

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Coffee, Financial Institutions
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Cocoa, Retailers, Multi-stakeholder coalitions
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Soy, Beef, Sugar Cane, Biofuels
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Data and technology

Most complete supply chain data. Most consistent deforestation data. And more.

  1. Supply chain asset data: Achieve radical supply chain visibility
  2. Satellite and field-derived data: Be first to know first to act
  3. On the ground presence: Powered by contextual intelligence and field data
  4. Science-based and EY certified audit-ready data: Optimal trust and assurance
  5. Traceability and analytics platform: Get real-time insights & reporting

Approved service provider

Satelligence is a EY certified and SBTi compliant, Google Sustainability Partner, Verra approved, and CDP accredited service provider.

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