Satelligence opens Jakarta office with Maharti Rihana

Satelligence is proud to announce that Maharti (Arti) Rihana will join our team as Liaison Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, based in our new Jakarta office.

As Liaison, Arti will be working closely with our clients in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Moreover, she’ll broaden Satelligence’s network and engage with potential clients in the region.

Arti holds a MA International Communication from the University of Leeds (UK) and a Bachelor Degree in Public Relations from the University of Padjajaran, Bandung, Indonesia. Over the last 9 years, she has mainly worked in the agricultural sector. Arti worked for 5 years at the oil palm giant, Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, handling the engagement with the company’s partners related to the implementation of the No-Deforestation, No-Peat and No Exploration (NDPE) policy including the company’s orangutan conservation programme. More recently, she held a position as the Agriculture Officer at the ASEAN Secretariat, where she supported and facilitated the development and implementation of regional agricultural policies for the 10 ASEAN Member States. In her leisure time, she loves taking her two energetic boys to the park and relax.

You can contact Arti here. She’ll be happy to say hi and answer all your questions about our work in the region.