The essential role of Satellite Data in Sustainable Finance webinar

New policies, new rules and new requirements are going to come thick and fast in the coming years. The Satelligence team have just launched a brand new series of webinars that will focus on the importance of Sustainable Finance and what role Satellite Data can play in providing transparency on what is happening on the ground.

Production of palm oil, cocoa, soy, rubber and other soft commodities is threatened by climate-related and environmental risks. Investment funds and asset managers must have the right tools to face this challenge. Financial Institutions invest in producers, traders and consumer goods companies and want to assess the environmental risks in their supply chain and who is responsible.

Satellite data provide transparency on what is happening on the ground.

Paul Schuller, Senior Investment Management Consultant at Ingka Investments talked to Nanne Tolsma, Head of Clients Relations at Satelligence and Colette Grosscurt, Responsible Investment Officer at Actiam, in this new webinar series focusing on one of the defining topics of the decade – sustainable finance.

Watch the webinar here