Celebrating our work for Acorn project

✨Gathering at Rabobank together with Space4good to celebrate our work together on the Acorn project in South America and Africa, monitoring carbon sequestered by smallholder agroforestry farmers.

Acorn: a carbon removal system for smallholder farmers

Together with Rabobank and Microsoft we are working on Acorn, an agroforestry-led carbon removal system aimed at climate preservation, land renewal and food security.  ACORN is the only project in the world that uses satellite technology to open the carbon market up to smallholder participation. By working with on-the-ground NGOs, farmers are paid directly from the sale of carbon credits generated by their activities. 80%+ of the sale goes to farmers.

Smallholder farmers who sequester carbon on their land with agroforestry techniques can access the international carbon marketplace and its financial benefits.

At Satelligence we provide accurate and transparent satellite data to monitor carbon sequestration occurring through the increase of biomass.