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Satellite images for environmental monitoring: how technology contributes to sustainability

Article published on Tech4Future – Emerging technologies by Emanuele La Veglia


Artificial satellites orbit the Earth collecting various types of information and are currently used for various purposes, including detecting environmental problems. The data collected allows us to extensively monitor and in some instances prevent phenomena such as atmospheric pollution and deforestation.

Take Away

  • We need emerging technologies to restore the earth’s equilibrium and achieve the goals set by the UN on sustainability.

  • Observation through satellites returns a wealth of useful information which is subsequently processed through artificial intelligence systems.

  • An innovative area of application is the monitoring of deforestation, at the centre of academic studies and state initiatives.

Satellite images for environmental monitoring can be an effective solution for safeguarding the ecosystem. By “satellite” we mean artificial equipment, created by man to go around the Earth in orbit, checking its state of health.

One of the most urgent problems to be solved remains that of the loss of biodiversity on the planet or the progressive decrease of living species. Through the use of digital, you can store large quantities of images from the footage taken from Earth’s orbit.

Why is it important to address these topics today? First, the 2030 Agenda’s guidelines drawn up by the UN in terms of sustainability must be considered. In particular, objective 15 should be mentioned, which aims to restore the ecosystem – technological innovations such as remote sensing can be a key to saving nature.