Landgriffon: helping companies future proof their supply chains through satellite monitoring and supply chain transparency with Vizzuality and SEI.

Transforming supply chains to prepare for the future

Food production is central to the way we live, from our daily groceries to the livelihoods of millions of small scale growers. However, the agricultural sector is a major contributor to climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation.

To help food companies figure out how to reduce the environmental impacts and risks in their supply chains, Vizzuality is launching an EU-funded partnership with Satelligence and the Stockholm Environment Institute. Together we are building new tools that incorporate scientific data, satellite-based monitoring, and supply chain transparency.

This consortium aims to build digital tools and customized systems that help companies transform their existing supply chain models to become more sustainable and better prepare for the future.

This means anticipating raw materials price volatility risks, avoiding supply chains discontinuity, or integrating the current and future externalities costs associated with these environmental impacts into their risk maps and financial statements.

TMI: Don’t Let Too Much Data Leave you in the Dark

LandGriffon collates data about company supply chains into one accessible dashboard. Map supply chains, benchmark data, and estimate potential environmental risks.

Every day, household names and multinational corporations are throwing their weight into new initiatives to lower their emissions and reduce deforestation in their supply chains. But the gulf between zero-deforestation announcements and measurable action remains significant and sometimes too much data is to blame.

LandGriffon can help companies turn promises into progress.


Better understand the environmental impacts related to supply chain activity;

Anticipate potential risks and impacts through scenario simulations in the short and mid-term;

Make the necessary decisions to ensure a supply chain model prepared for the future (in terms of flexibility and cost efficiency).

LandGriffon can help companies turn promises into progress.


Landgriffon has received a US$2 million grant from the European Commission to develop tools to assist food industry companies manage environmental impacts and risks in their supply chains.

The grant leverages the consortium’s respective areas of expertise and wealth of data produced under the EU Copernicus program to bring new services to market.



The sustainable business market has grown rapidly as regulators and consumers pressure businesses to account for the impacts of their operations.

This past October, the European Parliament adopted a resolution setting the groundwork for regulating deforestation caused by EU businesses. In April this year, a group of over 300 businesses called on US President Biden to commit to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.


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