Lydia Suzuki Esmerio


Business Developer LATAM

Lydia has a bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil. She also spent a year studying abroad at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Lydia became interested in pursuing a major in the agricultural sector after learning about the historical link between the cocoa supply chain and child slavery. She is passionate about understanding the food production chain to contribute to a cleaner and more just production.

Lydia has worked as a Sales Trading intern in the futures commodity markets, at the Sales EMEA desk from hEDGEpoint Global Markets. In this role, she had contact with the commodity trading sector and client prospecting. Her graduation thesis focused on soybean production in Mato Grosso State, the largest producer state in Brazil. She mapped areas that are most likely to be impacted by the EUDR.

In her free time, Lydia enjoys listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and music while going on walks and hikes. She also enjoys playing the flute in musical ensembles, as well as cooking and trying new foods.