Tracing raw materials in fashion conversation at Future Fabrics Expo 2021

As part of Future Fabrics Expo 9½ we chatted, together with The Sustainable Angle and Vegan textile about Tracing Raw Materials on Instagram live.

The Future Fabrics Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of globally sourced, commercially available sustainably and responsibly produced fabrics and materials. It is organized by The Sustainable Angle, a non-profit organisation that supports projects with a focus on sustainability in Fashion and Textiles and related industries such as food and agriculture.

During Future Fabrics Expo 9½, 22 June – 2 July, they will be featuring our partners, select mills and suppliers who represent a range of innovative textile and material solutions with a low environmental impact. The Sustainable Angle’s partners, featured mills and suppliers from around the world apply best-practice solutions such as sourcing fibres from organic or sustainable agriculture practices, circular economy principles, recycling technologies, closed loop processing, low impact dyeing, and alternative material sources that diversify the fibre portfolio.

Mills and suppliers in the Future Fabrics Expo are curated based on our Environmental Criteria, in relation to provenance, processing, raw materials and systems management involved in the fabric production. As well as these key criteria, ethical and local production, recycled materials, and entirely certified supply chains are taken into consideration.