Welcome Axelandrine, Customer Relations West-Africa

Axelandrine has had 2 objectives since high school: The first one was to work and live abroad and if possible in Africa. The second one was to get involved in a soft commodity and contribute at my small level to the development. A life had it, she landed in Ivory Coast where she was able to gain experience and expertise in cocoa and supplier management for the last 5 years with Olam.

She has a Master’s degree in International Business from Paris Dauphine University and has had the chance to travel for her studies from France to the UK and China to name a few. She has an insatiable desire to continue to travel around Africa and Asia.

She believes the values that shape her character are integrity and faith.

She believes in Satelligence’s mission to transform and mitigate deforestation and carbon emissions with their partners and believes in hard work to achieve her goals no matter the limitations!