Welcome Pia, our new Senior Marketing Manager

Join us as we welcome Pia Ikonen, our new Senior Marketing Manager, to Team Satelligence!

Hailing from Finland, Pia spent her formative years surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of forests and lakes, fostering a perpetual yearning for the great outdoors.

Having completed a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki a dozen years ago, she subsequently embarked on a journey to the Netherlands. Armed with an additional degree in marketing, her professional odyssey unfolded in the dynamic realm of marketing, spanning roles across established and international B2C & B2B companies, including renowned names such as Subway and FedEx.

Throughout her diverse career, Pia has delved into a wide spectrum of marketing domains, ranging from consumer insights, strategy, and product development to creative briefing, media planning, and fostering commercial and non-governmental partnerships.

We’re excited to have her expertise and talent on board as we continue to innovate and drive impact in our industry!

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