You can’t hide in the forest anymore


To better protect the tropical rainforest of Suriname against gold diggers and unbridled logging, satellites are now being used. At Satelligence we use data and image analysis to help in the fight to preserve the forest.

The Green Growth Suriname foundation wants to preserve Suriname’s natural forest. The country, four times the size of the Netherlands, consists of 93% tropical rainforest. Thanks to roads and airports, that area is becoming increasingly accessible to residents and entrepreneurs, but also to illegal loggers and gold prospectors. The latter happens almost completely out of sight. Only about five thousand people live in the southern half of the country, who are far from noticing all illegal activities and can do something about it. G

Green Growth Suriname therefore hires outside help to properly map out deforestation and to share that information with the government. This not only enables direct intervention (as recently in a nature reserve), but also better informed policy.