Comply with the EU regulation on  deforestation-free products

Export and import forest-risk raw materials and products to Europe and beyond with confidence.

The challenge

Prove compliance with regulations such as the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), the UK Environment Act, the FOREST Act in the USA, and even upcoming regulation in China.

Failure to comply has significant consequences. If your company isn’t compliant with EUDR by December 2024, you risk a fine of 4% of your company’s EU turnover, the seizure of goods, supply chain delays, trade sanctions, loss of market access, and negative publicity. Billions of dollars’ worth of revenue are at stake because of such supply chain risks.

The solution

Fast-track compliance with EUDR, we help you navigate the complexities.
We provide official due diligence statements that you can submit to the EU Information System to demonstrate compliance.

Step 1

Start with a free readiness review:
how prepared are you?

One of our experts will talk to your team to assess the main gaps and opportunities. The review will define a feasible scope of work.
Making sure that every shipment includes a Compliance Statement requires:

Step 2

Ramp up traceability:
mapping all plots of origin

Collecting geolocation coordinates of plots of land + date or time range of production + proof of legality.

Plots of land are either points or polygons of each farm or plantation boundaries.
Have no data? We do! Whether originating from our best partners or newly mapped plots assisted by advanced satellite tech.

Step 3

Perform risk assessment

Performing risk assessment on each plot of origin. The products originating from these plots should be:

  • ‘Deforestation-free’ not on land deforested or degraded after 31 December 2020 (Article 3a)
  • ‘Produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production’ (Article 3b)

EUDR may exacerbate smallholder exclusion as companies de-risk their supply chain to ensure compliance. Our clients work with us to mitigate this risk, ensuring access to large scale affordable monitoring for smallholders in partnership with Solidaridad, Fairtrade International and others.

Step 4

Submit compliance statement

We support your team to embed our monitoring solution in your daily work processes, delivering the data for your Compliance Statements.

Alternatively, Satelligence can submit the Compliance Statements on your behalf as your EC-Authorized Representative.

Step 5

Perform risk mitigation

Should non-compliance areas with (negligible) deforestation remain in your supply chain? Implement our grievance procedure, perform and disclose risk mitigation for non-compliance areas with ease.

Our grievance risk tracker is ready to use, saying goodbye to keeping records in excel and manually sifting through geodata saves you significant time and effort.

The law is

We have compiled for you
a guide on the EUDR

Satelligence EUDR Guide: A comprehensive tool for understanding and navigating the regulation on deforestation-free products

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