How can we make geodata useful for the smallholder farmer?

This week was kick-off of the Smart Agriculture Myanmar (SAM) project in Myanmar. Satelligence colleagues and other project partners came over for an exciting week of team-building and project planning in Yangon, Myanmar.

The SAM project aims to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers through a mobile platform (Golden Paddy) enhanced with actionable information derived from near real-time processing of satellite images in combination with machine learning. The Golden Paddy vision is to leverage connectivity to enable smallholder farmers to become more knowledgeable and independent. This vision enables Golden Paddy to support farming households to improve their livelihoods and make food supply more secure and safe.

The geodata information services that will be developed in the SAM program are all based on Earth Observation data products supplied by Satelligence: flood risk, drought risk, and crop growth.

Very excited to work with this amazing team of partners!

Read more about the Golden Paddy platform here: