Acorn got certified by Plan Vivo Foundation

Great news! Rabobank Acorn Agroforestry Methodology for Small-Scale Agroforestry projects has been certified by Plan Vivo Foundation. You are invited to attend the online Public Consultation on 15th Feb.

Acorn’s mission, which we help achieve through satellite monitoring, is to increase the accessibility of the international carbon market for smallholder farmers in the developing world.


The Plan Vivo – Acorn partnership 

In early November 2021 Plan Vivo officially certified the Acorn framework and methodology. The certification process for the Acorn Carbon Removal Units (CRUs) will have ongoing oversight by Plan Vivo, in addition to formal reviews annually for ongoing development. Plan Vivo are the formal certification authority and will continue to work closely with the Acorn team, using their wealth of experience (gained over 20+ years) to ensure Acorn’s CRUs are of the highest standard and credibility.