Pia Ikonen

Senior Marketing Manager

Hailing from Finland, Pia spent her formative years surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of forests and lakes, fostering a perpetual yearning for the great outdoors.

Having completed a Masters Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, she subsequently embarked on a journey to the Netherlands. Armed with an additional degree in marketing, her professional odyssey unfolded in the dynamic realm of marketing, spanning roles across established and international B2C & B2B companies, including renowned names such as Subway and FedEx. Her expertise further evolved through a pivotal role in an agile B2B scale-up within the sustainability sector, where she successfully led a team of young professionals.

Pia has additionally delved into a wide spectrum of marketing domains, ranging from consumer insights, strategy, and product development to creative briefing, media planning, and fostering commercial and non-governmental partnerships.