✈️ Satelligence is on tour! Trip to Indonesia.

✈️ Satelligence is on tour! Niels Wielaard, Nanne Tolsma visited Indonesia last week, and together with our Liaison South-East Asia Andreas Rahutomo they got interviewed by several journalists, met prospects and clients and catched up with current (Hafidh Muhammad Hakim) and former colleague Maharti Rihana (we miss you!).

All this in just a week! Satelligence Turbo Mode On 🚀

Thanks Indonesia for such a warm welcoming. Now all Satelligence colleagues are ready to pack their bags and fly to Jakarta too 😂

➡️ Deforestation Due to Palm Oil is Much Less Than Other Commodities

➡️ It’s time to look at satellite imagery as a counterweight to palm oil information

➡️ Deforestation Due to Palm Oil Planting in Indonesia Declines, What’s the Reason?