Satelligence Designated Sustainability Partner in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Google Cloud Recognizes Satelligence as Part of Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability Program

Amsterdam, 18 January 2024 — Google Cloud and Satelligence today announced that Satelligence has achieved the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Sustainability designation, Satelligence has proven their success in building and producing solutions and tools on Google Cloud to help customers achieve their sustainability and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals. The designation was awarded based on the success of its leading sustainable sourcing platform, which has been leveraged by companies like Cargill, Unilever, Mondelez, Bunge, Rabobank, BMW Group, Ikea and many others.

The new solutions of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partner program will help customers achieve meaningful climate objectives for their businesses. Partners with this designation deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, increase the sustainability of value chains, help organizations process ESG or help them identify climate risk for increased resilience.

Satelligence is the world leader in using remote sensing technology to manage environmental risks such as deforestation, measure land-based carbon emissions and removals, and simplify reporting of sustainability performance. They combine satellite and supply chain data with AI, and extensive knowledge on the local situation on the ground. Using the full archives of optical and radar satellite data from 1984 to now with the most complete, granular and up to date supply chain data (concessions and farms, ownership & group structures, supplier linkages) allows for complete visibility of supply chains around the world. Thousands of clients now need this service to demonstrate compliance with the EU’s new Deforestation Regulation.   

Satelligence uses several Google Cloud platform services, such as Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.  For large-scale satellite data processing, thousands of virtual machines are used simultaneously.  That way, Satelligence can process 40 years of data at 7m detail across 6 billion hectares in just a matter of days.

“Google Cloud Platform enables us to deploy as much computing power as we need on demand, close to the data, allowing us to process satellite imagery at global scale fast. Our partnership powers the massive computational and storage capacity to generate our unique global layers of forest, planted cocoa, oil palm, coffee and other crops. The infrastructure also immediately provides industry-leading security. It is important to our clients to benefit from Google’s efforts to decarbonise their operations, allowing us to provide a low energy intensive service.”

Arjen Vrielink, CTO at Satelligence

“We’re entering a new era of sustainability driven business transformation, which cloud is key to enabling and accelerating that transformation. The Google Cloud partner ecosystem will play a key role in providing solutions that help our joint customers deliver on their sustainability goals. We are partnering with the purpose to help drive towards a net zero future.”

Justin Keeble, Managing Director of Global Sustainability at Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub provides customers with easy access to validated sustainability solutions. 

Satelligence empowers businesses to transition to a sustainable sourcing model, simplifying compliance with the EUDR and other deforestation-free commitments and helping reduce scope 3 emissions. Their extensive knowledge, a global buyer-supplier database of supply chain data, satellite technology, and EY-certified methods give businesses the confidence to comply, and disclose their progress. They are trusted by Cargill, Unilever, Mondelez, Bunge, AAK, Rabobank, IKEA, Tony’s Chocolonely, and more. The company has a global presence with seven offices worldwide, including the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, the USA, Bolivia and its headquarters in The Netherlands.