PODCAST: Real facts about the Amazon fire

Several clients and media organisations asked us for satellite-based insights to examine statements in the media on the Amazon fire situation. Our analysis shows that this year’s fires are not record-breaking compared to extremely dry years such as 2005, 2010, or 2017. However, it is worrying that this year’s fires appear to be associated with a recent sharp increase in deforestation under relatively normal drought conditions.

It is also important that we are able to track what vegetation is on fire. Many fires are annually recurring fires in pastures/agricultural areas and ecosystems where fire is common practice. Fires in forest and recently deforested areas, however, should not be business as usual. We identified burnt areas in the northern legal Amazon that have not burnt during years before.

How to get such important details? Listen to the latest Innovation Forum podcast with our managing director Niels Wielaard explaining the story behind the Amazon fires. And the role that satellite data analysis can play in delivering the right insights.