Satelligence and Ulula partner for more effective monitoring of social and environmental risks in global supply chains

Vera Belazelkoska, Director of Programs at Ulula, and Nanne Tolsma, Head of Clients Relations at Satelligence outline the benefits our the partnership between Ulula and Satelligence.

Vera Belazelkoska, Director of Programs at Ulula

Nanne Tolsma, Head of Clients Relations at Satelligence

Satelligence use satellite data in combination with supply chain data to pinpoint high environmental risks such as deforestation hotspots in the supply chain of agricultural commodities

Ulula is a software and analytics platform that leverages digital communication technology to engage workers and communities around the globe with the objective of monitoring and mitigating labour and human rights risks in global supply chains

How do the tools work together to provide robust data on environmental and social risks?

Satelligence mainly looks at issues such as deforestation, fires, flooding and droughts. For example if deforestation is spotted by satellite imagery, the Ulula tool can then automatically push mobile-based surveys to community members who could validate, confirm and provide more depth to that topic through accessible channels such as text message, interactive voice response or WhatsApp. And doing that anonymously and safely. We only want to provide the insights that should be prioritized that means these are really high risk events that are happening in your supply chain.

How does the Satelligence and Ulula partnership add value to organizations?

Our combined solution can be applied in a variety of sectors but it is very well suited to agriculture or the extractive sector especially, where data is difficult to gather due to rurality and the remoteness of some of the key rights holders. While satellite risk monitoring can bring insight into the crucial deforestation risk, for example, Ulula’s anonymous digital stakeholder feedback tool can provide validation and more context to that reporting. So by combining what Satelligence and Ulula do, you have the best available insights on your ESG risk in the portfolio.

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