Seeking early users for better supply chain management with LandGriffon.

In collaboration with Vizzuality and SEI we have created LandGriffon, a service to help companies measure, manage and anticipate impacts and risks from the raw materials in their supply chains. We welcome early adopters to join us in making it the ideal solution to manage your supply chain’s sustainability.

LandGriffon is led by Vizzuality and Satelligence, advised by the Stockholm Environment Institute and their Trase initiative. Together, we bring expertise in user-centric design, satellite monitoring, and environmental science to help companies reach a more sustainable future.

LandGriffon will enable companies to measure and manage impacts and risks arising from their agricultural supply chains. They can use this information to take action and ensure a sustainable and resilient business model. Improving insights allows for better sourcing and investment decisions and tracking progress towards sustainability commitments.